X-Wing PaddleX-Wing Paddle

Carbon X-Wing Paddle


This incredibly light full-carbon paddle features a winged shaft for deep, efficient strokes. Extra length offers extended reach. Ideal for racers and recreational paddlers.

Full Carbon
6-degree angled blade
Comfortable Carbon palm grip handle
Patent pending dihedral keel power face
Deep water designed blade
New patent pending X-Wing shaft
Ideal for racers and recreational paddlers
Provides more reach and depth in your stroke  

Race paddles tend to be longer. Choose a length 8-10 inches above your height. Uncut X-Wing paddles or those more than 90″ ship in three pieces. Uncut paddles require you to attach blade and handle yourself.

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Weight: 18.5 oz.
Length: Up to 92”
Blade: 6.9”


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